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4 Ways to Tell If You’ve Got the Perfect Home Alarm System Company 

Before you commit to a contract with a home alarm system company, you’ve got to make sure they’re the perfect choice.  After all, you’re relying on them to keep your home and family safe!

So, how do you know if they’re as good as it gets? 

1.  They’re honest

State-of-the-art features and a great price don’t do you a whole lot of good if your home alarm system is being run by a bunch of dishonest creeps.  Luckily, though, you’ll probably be able to tell right off the bat if your security company is honest or not.

That’s because one of the oldest tricks in the home security book has to do with monitoring – or, when an alarm company notices a problem in your home and calls the police and/or fire departments on their own.  Many families feel safer knowing their security company is keeping an eye out 24/7.

However, monitoring is an optional service.  Your home alarm system will work without it.  But some alarm companies don’t always remember to mention that.  After all, monitoring will cost you an extra fee every month!

Now that you know one of the “tricks” some alarm companies use, you’ll be able to tell which ones are out to scam you – and which ones are really looking out for you.

2.  They make it easy to shop

According to a recent survey by Consumer Reports, most people love their home alarm systems.  What they don’t love, however, was the process it took to get them.  Shopping for home alarms can be a drag – complete with strange pricing pyramids and even stranger sales tactics (like companies who try to terrify you into buying an alarm).

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, be sure to look for a company that makes the shopping process as comfortable as possible.  They really do exist! 

3.  They give you whatever extras you want

Thanks to advances in technology, yesterday’s “burglar alarms” are now known as “home alarm systems”.  That’s because they can do so much more than just catch burglars!  Now, they can also monitor carbon monoxide levels, let you know when strangers get to close, tell you if a window gets broken, or even if the temperature inside your home starts doing strange things.

With all of these possibilities, you owe it to your family to get a home alarm system that does everything you need it to! 

4.  They’ve thought about back-up

Most home alarm systems will transmit things through your phone line.  But what if something happens to your landline?

A good company has already thought of that!  They’ll arrange a special back-up system that uses cellular or radio technology so that you’re never out of touch.

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