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Your Home Security Alarm Network HAS to Come with These 5 Things!

Bad guys have gotten more sophisticated these days, but luckily, so has technology.  If you want to keep your home and family as safe as possible, you can't JUST look for a security alarm network.  You have to look for one that comes with:

1.  A comprehensive backup system

You're either going to wind up with a wired network that runs on electricity, or a wireless network that uses battery-powered sensors.  Either way, your technology won't be infallible, so you need to make sure that your security alarm network has a great backup system that can kick into high-gear at a moment's notice.  After all, you don't want a power outage or a dead battery to leave you unprotected! 
Home Security Alarms

2.  A state-of-the-art control panel

Many of the good security alarm networks will give you a control panel that uses VoIP, instead of a regular old phone line.  This is a big plus for two reasons.  First, it means that you don't have to pay for an install a separate landline just for your security system.  Second, it makes it tougher on a bad guy to try and disable the system on his way in (since there won't be a single wire to cut). 

3.  Interior protection that's just as detailed

A good security alarm network will make sure that all of the entry points to your home are as guarded as Ft. Knox.  However, a GREAT security alarm network will extend that protection inside.  Specifically, it will come with motion sensors that can track a bad guy if he manages to make it past the first layer of protection and into your home.

4.  Great features

Today's security alarm networks don't JUST offer burglar alarms.  Thanks to advances in technology, they can do so much more than simply make noise!

Like what?

A good network will be able to provide a live video stream around your home.  It will also be able to help you manage your utilities (like, for example, giving you a way to set your thermostat so that it automatically makes your home cooler right before you get home from work).  It will even give you the power to control your entire network on your smartphone, so that you can manage things from anywhere in the world!

5.  A great connection

If you're planning on going with a wireless security alarm network, you'll need to make sure the signal is strong enough to cover your entire home.  (Remember, the signal will have to travel through things like walls and insulation!)  In most cases, a 2 ghz system is enough, but if your home is very large, you may need something more powerful.