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What Goes Into Installing a Home Security System?

Installing a Home Security System by Professionals

Installing a home security system doesn’t just mean connecting a few wires and calling it a day.  Instead, there are a variety of things that go into a successful installation, like:

-  A professional touch

Unless you’re VERY handy, installing a home security system is beyond your skills.  In fact, if you try, you’ll likely end up with a system that doesn’t work correctly (or at all!).  The last thing you want is a barrage of false alarms or an alarm that doesn’t go off when it should.  So, save yourself the hassle, and let a professional do the work! 

-  One big decision

You’ve probably already weighed the pros and cons of wired and wireless alarm systems.  However, have you given any thought to how your choice will affect the installation process?  Installing a wired home security system is much more difficult, because your installer will have to go into your walls and connect all of the necessary wires together.  That means you’ll wind up paying more in setup fees. 

- Learning how to family-proof

Before your installer leaves, make sure you know how to keep your motion detectors from going off when they shouldn’t.  For example, you don’t want Fido to set off the alarm while he chases his favorite toy, or you don’t want Aunt Marge to set things off when she ventures downstairs for a midnight snack.  Unless you want an alarm that constantly goes off for no reason, installing your home security system needs to include some family-proofing tips! 

-  Finding out if you need a separate landline

Most home security systems won’t require their own independent phone line.  (In fact, many of today’s systems use cellular-based technology!)  However, it never hurts to ask.  That way, you won’t wind up with an installer at your home and nothing to install! 

-  Going over the fine print

Installing a home security system can cost anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to over a thousand dollars, depending on how advanced your system is and how large your home is.  So, be sure to go over all of the money details before the installation begins.  That way, you can make sure there aren’t any hidden charges that are going to cost you even more. 

-  Getting documentation

Installing a home security system can save you big money on your homeowner’s insurance premiums – as much as 20%, to be exact!  So, talk to your installer about the documents you need to send to your insurance company.  Specifically, find out if a receipt from him is good enough, or if you need something else to claim your discount.

Installing a Home Security System by Professionals

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